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  1. 2019 was finally the year when KiwiProps North America paid a visit to the place where it all started……. KiwiProps New Zealand. John was an amazing host as my son and I made our first trip to the most beautiful country in the world! We also paid a visit to the KiwiProp factory and saw first hand the detail and craftsmanship that goes into every KiwiProp

  2. Well, 2020 has certainly been a ‘different’ year for sailors. Oddly ironic that it’s hard to think of a more socially isolating past time than long distance cruising or sailing in general, yet early on many struggled to access their boats, favourite ports or anchorages, etc. After we got that sorted out KiwiProps saw an encouraging increase in inquiries as more people started getting out and enjoying their boats. New prop sales were strong, but we also started seeing ‘upgrade’ business as the current iteration of our blade design, is backward compatible with all kiwiprops, and offers a nice overall performance and reliability improvement to justify the cost. Contact us for more details.

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