If you own a KiwiProp then you know there isn’t much in the way of Parts and Service required. Our Shop guys are generally lonely and our parts department is literally a tackle box of spares for people that lose bits and pieces. If you hit something, generally that calls for a new blade or two which are easily ordered preset and shipped anywhere in the world out of New Zealand. Other than that we pop spares in the mail, and for that especially neglected propeller, we offer a refresh/refurb service that typically runs $150 or so and involves a thorough cleaning, polishing, relube and replacement of whatever parts might have worn. The most common wear items are due to lack of lubrication which can stress blade pins, reverse rollers and sometimes minor scoring to the blade roots. All repairable with a quick shipment back to our Toronto Shop. See Below for Current Spare parts Pricing if you know what you need!

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Contact us if you’ve got a service or performance question, we’re happy to consult via email or phone. Most problems do not require factory repair. KiwiProps are truly designed for the DIY sailor, which most of us are!